• Code PUI21062
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mona Iyer,Meera Mehta
  • TA Nirali Shah


Rajkot being rapidly urbanizing and located in the Saurashtra region has the situation called either we have scanty or plenty. Because the Rajkot has two contrasting extreme situations, in summer it fights droughts and in monsoon, it survives accumulated stormwater situations. Hence sustainable stormwater management can mitigate both extremities. The project focuses on incorporating nature-driven solutions for stormwater management in the city of Rajkot which faces a paradox situation of “either they have plenty or scanty”. Around 173 billion liters of water goes into a runoff in monsoon whereas the city faces droughts in summer and is water stressed. So, the project aims on implementing and monitoring Blue-Green infrastructure strategies at different scales to encourage stormwater absorption, collection, and storage with the core idea of “Catching it where it falls”.