• Code PUI21025
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Ashwani Kumar,Siddh Doshi
  • TA Nirali Shah


Rajkot is expanding with rapid speed at the same time infrastructure as stormwater networks are not being expanded at the same speed as well as not maintained which is creating a huge problem specially flooding and waterlogging in the city and newly developed area. This project focuses on such a problem by providing sustainable retrofitting solutions to prevent waterlogging and flooding in the city in the selected site which is on the west zone of the city. The main aim of this project is to reduce runoff and prevent waterlogging which is usually creating a problem for people and city functionality. This would be achieved by retrofitting solutions for existing streets and recharging groundwater via natural drainage (Vokda). One of the most important components of this project is to revive the natural drainage system which is been changed in its form due to urbanization. Along with this, the project also focuses on improving the efficiency of stormwater drainage networks by introducing modern age technologies like GIS tools for improving monitoring and enabling better governance in this sector.