• Code PLA21061
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Deepa Maheshwari
  • TA Sankalpa Patel


The project “Amidst Woodland “focuses on creating a natural retreat away from city’s hustle and bustle keeping requirements of the client balancing his public and private relationships through natural composition in a way that single space caters to a vivid variation in terms of space and experience. The site offers a plain agricultural land surrounded by scrubland along with Bird sanctuary which is situated within 3-4 km of it. This gives an opportunity for creating site into a fragmented parcel of the larger context revolving around wetland and woodland. Based on this, study related to native species of flora was done for both the ecosystem along with different habitat study for terrestrial and migrating avifauna species. Based on the surrounding opportunity and experiential spaces planting palate was decided for woodland area which includes trees which are used for productive landscape, for creating experiential landscape and native trees which helps to attract avifauna which stays in different kind of habitat. Thus, this land parcel becomes a demonstration site of how fragmented ecosystem component can be created enabling numerous people to remain in touch with nature