• Code PLA21261
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Deepa Maheshwari
  • TA Sankalpa Patel


Sarita udyan, is a city level park located on the edge of Gandhinagar city along river Sabarmati. It is the second biggest park in Gandhinagar. Sarita udyan is a 28 acre unique city level park due to its location and scale. Sabarmati River, Indrora Nature Park, and Indrora Ma Temple Complex are all within close proximity to the park, providing the park a very strong context. It is the only park that can provide visual access to the river. Despite being on a green belt, the park is constructed like a typical public park. The design is a manicured landscape and is very inclusive. The park represents the manicured landscape which is an introverted counterpoint to the open larger landscape. The project aim is to enhance the contextual connectivity of the park and form intangible connections to larger landscapes providing a strong experience of nature to users while rethinking recreation in natural areas of park. Planting being the core feature of design that will provide users with experience of nature using naturalized planting palette. Planting that will acknowledge and enhance the borrowed landscape the site is located in