• Student Mahek Mudgal
  • Code UAR20089
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Jahnavi Bhatt
  • TA Sarthak Patel


The work retreat at Pariej Lake, Gujarat, is interpreted as a humble escape from the rush of the city. It is a place for the youth to experience solitude, work amongst nature, and interact with people around. The project intends to offer a journey from refuge to release as one moves on the ground and up while connecting with what the natural habitat has to offer. This is done by movement through introverted/extroverted spaces, displaced volumes which provide only a glimpse of what is ahead and by expression of materiality. Since the lake is hidden by the tall grass on the ground, the community workspaces are shifted onto the top floor to let one enjoy the foliage, birds and scenic views of the lake. The ground is landscaped into a series of introverted/extroverted courtyards to allow one to enjoy a hot cup of morning coffee under the thick canopy of trees while the steps of the central courtyard merge into the staircase to reach a deck facing the lake, a place to view the sunset from in the evenings. Moving further above, material expression plays a significant role as thick stone walls start to open up and terminate on a lightweight wooden, free pavilion-like community space- re-instating a journey of release from the refuge.