• Student Bhoomi Bachani
  • Code UAR20235
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Jahnavi Bhatt
  • TA Sarthak Patel


Located on a wetland near Pariej Lake, the site is part of a bird sanctuary, surrounded by tall trees. A layer of tall grass surrounds the site boundary and separates lake from the site making it difficult to view the lake beyond. As more work cultures are adopting a hybrid model, people are opting for more independent locations to occasionally work from. Aranyam provides a space for individuals looking to get away from their hectic city life and have a work retreat close to nature. The work retreat has workspaces, dining facilities as well as five residential spaces for people looking to stay longer. Aranyam is based on the concept of “being part of the tree.” Hence, the focus is kept on the living units which are raised from the ground and placed at varying levels to merge with the tree foliage.The ground is kept free by shifting the secondary activites to the corners and creating a bridge for the movement at the upper level.