• Code PID22284
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Kireet Patel,Rishav Jain,Aparajita Basu


AN INTRIGUING BRIO is designed with a unique identity through a thousand varying lengths of repurposed wooden timber blurring boundaries while directing view and movement. The key idea in all three roles revolves around the idea of ‘Reuse’ foregrounding the design conceptually as traditional elements compose the different elements that become different attributes of space. The elements evolved with the idea of utilizing the old architectural elements of traditional houses or vernacular building elements inspired the formulation of integral components of the one design. The elements are designed to change the original use and imagination in various spaces by adding value to the old elements thus contributing new life in space These suspended wooden timber filter exterior light and views into interior space, spidery pixelated shadows are cast on the floor. The choice of the elements in space gives warmth and familiarity mixed with the excitement of the unexpected. The main principle of the space is to emphasize the elements which is creating a focal point in the space which articulates the movement in the space. These continuous weaving elements create a journey with an interesting experience in the space for visitors and users thus embedding/ reinforcing a new culture of ‘ancient modern’ understanding in space.