• Student Patel Kush Mukeshbhai
  • Code UCT20086
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Dipsha Shah,Dipen Mehta
  • TA Varun Doulatani,Rudra Dhaduk


My journey started in plumbing design studio my observing my own house plumbing system. Through this exercise I observed how the plumbing services are worked in our house. This include the observation of water supply, drainage system, piping connection, types of fixture and their fitting. Then next was plumbing design for the assigned project ‘5 Star Resort at Mandu’ This is project I design of plumbing services. This include the population & water demand, Water supply, Waste water treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant, Hot water calculation, drainage system, Pump sizing, IC Manhole, Looping And Cost Calculation.