• Code PAD21157
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Snehal Shah
  • TA Karan Makwana


A space that invokes a divine presence, diviness that does not necessarily come from a religious institution but that which inculcates respect, awe and reverence among us all. The idea of a sacred space is more than visual, it is being, listening, observing everything around, it is experiential and immeasurable. To me a continuous and a rigorous practice that leads one towards perfection is sacred. The art of making and creating something consistently and tirelessly has the power to create a feeling that kindles inquiry above ones own intellect and transports to a higher consciousness. What if there is a such a place to practice ? A place to make, create and engage in a meditative activity that fills one with joy and ecstasy. Practicing and making mistakes to improve ones skill and achieve proficiency. Practicing either individually or in groups, either learning by making or learning from peers which in turn sets clues for the built environment. The architectural response attempted for place to practice is a Pottery workshop in the context of Gandhi Ashram located in Kochrab Ashram, Ahmedabad.