• Student Panchal Parth Mukeshbhai
  • Code UG191013
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Shweta Ranpura
  • TA Milap Salot


 Adopting the principle of ‘adding, enhancing and making meaning of what is existing, along with the demolition of very futile, governed by the immediate needs, in order to provide agency to users.’ 

Reasonable interventions will be done in parallel to cautious demolition for a better reality of the whole ecosystem of the host, occupants, and context. Perhaps being an absolute bulldoze to the host, the adaptive reuse will be pronounced by cautious and gentle adaption through removing unnecessary, nonfunctioning, and extremely dilapidated elements that won’t affect the intrinsic nature and properties of the host in order to provide flexibility in the formal system. It is a sympathetic attitude toward the existing and represents the actual essence of empathy for communities and the well-being of one's social and cultural values, without being a coercive fate of any type. 

Decoding that, genuine beauty hides behind the cover of dysfunction, the new proposed function will have a dramatic shift from the preconceived notion of the corporate functions in the host building, and it will be diametrically opposite to the existing old function and developed from the rationale, evolved from the needs of the immediate user. The intervention will be all about symbiosis in which the host will provide the sufficient base and ore for the new intervention to flourish, ultimately unleashing the full potential of the composite system having a unique tectonic expression of the symbiotic relationship in between.

Enhancing the architectonic perception of the host by having stark contrast between the old and the new, which will be aligned by the beautiful conjecture as coalescence. The intervention will completely intertwine the existing building in a way that both systems will function as a whole. One won’t even sustain without the other, having complete interdependency. The vocabulary of the alteration will be in contrast with the host, opening up a wide range of possibilities to enhance the existing that is currently being rudimentarily downplayed. In the way of achieving harmony between two vocabularies, the known materials will be prioritized, which means the material that suits well and is readily available within the immediate context and that also will be in harmony with the material order of the host. 

Architectural integrity and wholesomeness of the two contrasting entities will become the new expression achieved by using the existing structural system as a clean slate for intervention and opening up for the new programmatic upliftments. The altered build will be ripped apart from the chain and annoyance of the institutional orders and the dominance of the surrounding builts which render the host negligible. 

 The ultimate goal is to make fruitful and evident meaning by adaptation of the host with newer values for better and flexible purposes like congregation spaces, functional spaces, pause points, hideouts, etc. Ultimately reflects the empathy for the people in and around the host which may be disconnected from its local surroundings in its current state due to its old monarchial ideals.