• Code PUT21070
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Shivanand Swamy,Hemangi Dalwadi
  • TA Reshma Mathew


The portfolio represents the project covered as part of the third semester in the Masters of Urban Transport System. The aim of the studio was to study different mass rapid transit modes, understand the process of designing & planning the systems and to check their feasibility for Rajkot city. First different mass rapid transit systems were studied in form of concept, technology, components, applications, how they compare to one another & lastly which mode is suitable for what type of city. Then Rajkot’s existing situation was studied & future projections and scenarios were formulated. Lastly different proposals of 3 MRTS modes were developed for the city & compared to check which is the most feasible in the city. This particular portfolio will be focusing on the development of the bus-based system.