• Code PUT21079
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Shivanand Swamy,Hemangi Dalwadi
  • TA Reshma Mathew


Undertaken a pre-feasibility of a transport project in Rajkot. As a group, we analysed various rapid transit technologies nationally & internationally with the help of DPRs and secondary sources. A review of pertinent Acts, policies and toolkits were reviewed to comprehend the MRTS mode selection process. BRTS, the chosen rapid mode, I worked on a variety of projects during the semester, one of which was an evaluation framework of physical and environmental variables used to determine the viability of a project. That includes transport infrastructure planning and design projects; preparing feasibility studies, corridor studies, and vehicle, station and depot area plans; and defining public involvement plans through various street sections relating to equitable transportation. All these helped me to have a solid knowledge of surface transportation.