• Code PUP22016
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Rutul Joshi,Umesh Shurpali,Anil kumar Roy,Ravi Sannabhadti,Nitika Bhakuni,Narendra Mangwani,Arjun Joshi,Tarun Patel,Rushil Palavajjhala ,Giby Abraham
  • TA Sreedevi Kurur,Priyanka Baghel,Chinmay Gheware,Richa Bihari,Ratik Verma,Kirti chandra Devaguptapu,Rohini Chatterjee,Annesha Dasgupta,Arkadipta Banerjee,Garima Munjal


Bopal, a recently emerging satellite town is the result of strong road connectivity caused by the construction of S.P. Ring road. Due to this connection many people migrated from central Ahmedabad towards the periphery. As a result, there was a significant demand for residential activities, which prompted the need for supply of residential built fabric. The whole precinct has predominantly residential built fabric with bungalows, row houses and high rise residential buildings. Along the TOD zone one can see more commercial development with mixed use buildings. More the migration, the more the demand for land or dwellings. This has resulted in the high land prices especially in Bopal. Government policies like the TP schemes have shaped today's planning of Bopal. Infrastructure services like solid waste management, electric supply, water distribution have been provided in the area by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation which has resulted in increased demands for land and properties.