• Student Sanjana Parthivbhai Mehta
  • Code UG191247
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Mohammedayazkhan Pathan
  • TA Rajkumar Dindor


Located in the Satellite area of Ahmedabad, Ramdevnagar Slum is home to around 507 families. The site study helped identify the issues that could be improved and the essential characteristics of the settlement that could be retained. The streets form an important part of their homes. It’s a place where they meet, interact and exchange conversations. At the site level, the project aims at freeing up more ground and providing the neighbourhood with community spaces while retaining the existing street networks. Along with this, creating a place for children to study and workshop spaces to encourage small-scale businesses. At the unit level, the layouts respond to the sizes and types of families and provide each house with open/semi-open spaces while trying to solve the issues of space, light and ventilation. The design aims at retaining the house-street relationships and creating spaces which allow for maximum interaction.