• Student Tanya Sunish Shah
  • Code UG191401
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Komal Parikh,Birva Joshi
  • TA Parth Rakeshbhai Shah,Tanishq Jain


Roads play a vital aspect in the development of an economy. Efficient road infrastructure makes the basis for commute of users and transportation of goods and services. Studio Urban Road Infrastructure Design and Analysis deals with the crucial component of road network i.e. intersections. Intersections form a link between multiple roadways and help in controlling, channeling and navigating traffic flow. This studio comprises of selecting a particular intersection and doing on-site surveys, surveys traffic volume flow study, speed and delay analysis, analyzing Level of Service, observing and rating pavement condition, projecting future usage of the intersection, user and surrounding composition and design signal timing and using accident data and geometric features to understand safety and service aspect of intersection. All of which is aided by software’s like Google Earth, QGIS and literature from IRC codes.