• Student Ananya Rakesh Pathak
  • Code UAR21272
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Hamid Raj
  • TA Fateh Singh


Ahmedabad, a 612 year old city, is a city that is replete with traditional Pol Architecture and rich history. The following 21st Century Pol House design is located in Shantinath Ni pol; a well known pol famed for its thousand year old Jain Derasar.  The studio offers a design for a six-person family in Ahmedabad's historic Pol City. The core idea of the design is to have a sunken courtyard with a widening aperture that acts as an anchor point for all rooms in the house.  Creation of ample of open, common, and semi-open places brings all the family members together while also ensuring each one's privacy.