• Student Nainsi Vijaybhai Chaudhari
  • Code UG190900
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Nimit Killawala,Prateek Banerjee
  • TA Aksh Chauhan


The studio's principal objective is to connect the workplace at a community scale. The objective is to encourage young people to work in a vibrant city that has something to offer even beyond regular business hours. The contemporary knowledge economy is the only one that supports these partnerships between government, academia, and business, The site is located  at Irla Nala, Juhu, Mumbai is the location, and there is a municipal market and a road depot there. The government recognizes a possibility to include urban farming inside the property because there is already a municipal market. Introducing urban farming in the area opens up a range of opportunities, not the least of which is that it would serve as an on-site production facility for the local market. In addition, the government could use this project as a model for similar initiatives in other areas of the city and in other cities. With this strategy, the community will receive wholesome, clean meals while also learning about sustainable methods. The incubation center would concentrate solely on businesses related to urban farming and its different methods.