• Student Abhishek Sondarva
  • Code UA0417
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Nimit Killawala,Prateek Banerjee
  • TA Aksh Chauhan


The 15000sq.m site is under the purview of the MCGM and consists of a municipal market & road depot. Because of an existing municipal market, the government realizes the potential to incorporate Urban Farming within the site. Bringing in Urban Farming in the neighborhood opens up a network of possibilities; the primary being that it would function as an on-site production unit for the municipal market, the further government can use this project as a sample model for other parts of the city and other cities as well. The urban farming practice in this project would directly benefit from various startups’ research and their approach towards addressing issues pertaining to urban farming and its need and benefits. Thus a need arises for Mixed-use typology program that can facilitate private corporate spaces and collaborative spaces for the community.