• Student Aangi Shah
  • Code UG180010
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Arijit Chatterjee,Shilpa Mevada
  • TA Keerthan B v


The khazans and river conditions have been under threat due to the mining activity and transportation of iron ore through waterways. The sediments of iron ore deteriorate the quality of water which further degrades the land quality resulting in no yield. Barges moving along the river create shock waves that damage the fragile landscape along the edge. Now since 60% of mining activity has been banned, there are a lot of barges that have been left abandoned, and since repairing these barges is costly, the owners don’t want to invest in them. These barges lying along the Zuari River are rotting and polluting the river further. 
Repair, Monitor, and Supply
A mining barge is converted into a floating workshop to manage, monitor, and map the Zuari edges. The hull is fitted with facilities to transfer dead loads of mud, sand, laterite, and clay to strengthen the river bunds in a periodic manner. The barge houses a fabrication workshop and is geo referenced to transmit data for monitoring extreme events of flooding, saline invasion, and disruptive changes in the estuary. As a moving element, the barge collects samples and workforce to dedicate repair and raw materials to remote locations in the greater Zuari Basin.