• Tutor/s Hamid Raj
  • TA Fateh Singh
  • Code AR2045
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit

The premise of this studio was to give students a firsthand experience so that they gain an insight into the realities, nuances and the challenges involved in the entire process from design to execution. The first part of the semester was conducted like a competition where students pitched their individual design proposals for a structure to be built on an actual site. A panel of reviewers selected one project to be eventually built on site. Thereafter, they worked as a team to collectively build the structure. This studio intended to bring students face to face with the process of converting their ideas into reality. The students were exposed to the whole gamut of things that go into realizing a project such as making construction drawings, sourcing and procuring materials, preparing estimates, prototyping and sampling, project management, teamwork, dealing with unforeseen situations and eventually building a structure on an actual site.