• Tutor/s Sandeep Mukherjee | Prachi Patel
  • TA Ahana Sen
  • Code FD4011
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L4 Studio Unit


We do not live in isolation and are bound by societal norms where we tend to largely follow the ways of our communities. We eat similar food , we dress similar , we travel with similar ideas , and interact accordingly. From childhood we observe our parents and the way of life they follow. In school and college we learn similarly from our peers and friend. All of these are the conditioning we go through which makes us who we are as individuals. Sometimes we do not even have the time or space to observe what other societies and cultures are like . We may even look at these as alien and therefore ignore them. The process of design for outdoor will necessarily force us to study other communities and societies , unlearn a lot of things which are our biases ,so as to be able to work towards a 'just' design solution. This is critical to the process of good design. The environment is under a lot of pressure as populations across the world grows. Living environments are becoming unlivable as technology advances. As a designer who is sensitive and conscious about our micro and macro environment, we need to work to counter this downward spiral. This will reflect in our design solutions in terms of materials used , processes followed.