• Tutor/s Vinod Shah | Mangesh Belsare
  • TA Kathan Gandevikar
  • Code AR2033
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


The studio aims at imparting the basic knowledge of local and global forms with respect to structural actions. Studio will deal with association of space and tectonics by developing the understanding of material, form and structure in such a way that students can use this understanding in their design to integrate the structure and construction along with spatial qualities to achieve tectonic expression. New materials like fibres, new technologies like 3 D printing and advanced methods for computing for parametric are becoming common. At the same time natural materials like bamboo and conventional materials like mud and compressed blocks are also finding their way in application with modern methods. Architects need to equip themselves to exploit the potential of these materials and methods, for which conceptual understanding of structural systems and form is very essential. This studio will equip students to design and detail the meaningful forms using fundamentals of structural actions and material properties along with construction technology which is essential as a process for going part to whole.