• Tutor/s Nimitt Karia | Radhika Budhbhatti | Avik Munshi | Kruti Javeri
  • Code UM4004-3
  • Faculty Management


The studio introduced students to terminologies, theories and practices of facility management for developing knowledge and skills that are required for supporting a well-functioning, effective and efficient built environment. The live exercise helped students to critically analyze issues in their premise involving components of both hard Faculty of Management like building services, utilities, and maintenance; and soft Faculty of Management like managing people and change. There were weekly exercises which encouraged students to apply tools and techniques for strengthening skills of observation, visualization, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication. The exercises, which were conducted both individually and in group facilitated students to understand the processes- involving status assessment, identification of gaps leading to development of alternatives and solutions and an implementation plan. The students developed key strategies for managing public and private facilities, identified alternatives and also conducted stakeholder interactions to develop optimal solutions leading to higher end-user satisfaction. The studio included ?meet the manger? sessions for cross-sectoral learning from alumni and experts. The Foundation Studio directed the students to prepare a facilities management implementation plan for their respective sites.