• Tutor/s Gayatri Doctor | Anoop Khajuria | Manish Vadanere
  • Code UM4002-1
  • Faculty Management


Service organizations respond to the requirements of users to satisfy some needs and leave certain experiences in the minds of the users through a service delivery system. This studio addressed the design, operational and strategic aspects of managing service systems. Service Operations Management (SOM) focuses on how firms can deliver excellent service while achieving success. Current practice reveals a lack of widespread understanding of effective service management. This course took the position that there is enormous potential to improve services. The studio was designed to equip students with the concepts and tools to do so. Students learned to design distinctive and sustainable service strategies, to manage users and employees, to leverage data to enhance performance, and to reshape their organizations to suit evolving users? needs and changing competitive landscapes. Students learned different tools and techniques of operations and management in assessing the efficiency of urban services. The learning outcomes were realized by appropriate case studies through different exercises