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Winter Exhibition 2023

Welcome to one of the most awaited CEPT events of the year. This year, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, CEPT University’s Winter Exhibition 2023 is presented exclusively online. You can explore a range of habitat related works, from models and drawings, to films, multimedia projects, immersive environments and digital fabrications.

It is a matter of some satisfaction for us that we are able to place this exhibition before you in these very challenging times. Despite the fact that many students, tutors, and members of their families were affected by the virus, they have produced sterling work in the studios.


The student work includes projects addressing themes of tectonics, sustainability, art, cultural practices, societal dynamics, digital fabrications, films, theoretical position to name a few. The virtual show includes work presented by over 1800 students covering the fields of architecture, planning, design, technology and management of habitats. They are examined, conceptualized and interrogated through propositions that are ambitious, promising and intellectually stimulating. The work is done either as group projects or individual projects and can be navigated either through studios or individual student projects.

You are invited to hear from our students directly and explore their work further in a series of online events, including themed tours and late evening talks.

Featured programs

Faculty of Architecture
Bachelor’s in Architecture
Master’s in Architectural Design
Master’s in Conservation and Regeneration
Master’s in Architectural History & Theory
Master’s in Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Design
Bachelors in Interior Design
Bachelor’s in Design
Master’s in Interior Design
International Master of Interior Architectural Design
Master’s in Furniture Design
Master’s in Building Products and Systems

Faculty of Technology
Bachelor’s in Construction Technology
Master’s in Construction Engineering & Management
Master’s in Structural Engineering Design
Master’s in Geomatics
Master’s in Building Energy Performance

Faculty of Management
Master’s in Urban Management

Faculty of Planning
Bachelor’s in Urban Design
Master’s in Urban Planning
Master’s in Urban Transport Systems
Master’s in Urban Infrastructure
Master’s in Urban Housing
Master’s in Urban Design

CEPT Foundation Program

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