• Student Joannah Elizabeth Chacko
  • Code UAR21276
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Meghal Arya,Manan Singal
  • TA Kanxa Shah


In the heart of the town of Sihor, up on a raised plateau is the opportunity to address varying degrees of calamity, create a sense of awareness, and have the people own the building as a part of them. Located on the edge of the cliff and facing the Brahma Kund, the disaster management institute integrates the Radha Krishna temple through a common courtyard, incentivizing people to interact with the institute. Accessible from the temple through a common gate, the program has varying open public functions and large courtyards to encourage community engagement with those spaces. To accentuate the movement through the spaces, varying levels are connected through water channels, that filter out into the large cistern that functions as a rainwater harvesting system for the area.