• Student UNNI AMMU
  • Code PCR23410
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Sonal Mithal,Chinmay Gheware
  • TA Jinal Taunk


The essence of conservation lies in recognizing a building's unique character, evident in the ambiance retained despite decay—such as the play of light on abandoned walls. Neglect transforms structures, unveiling a beauty born from decay, asserting that abandonment contributes to novel ambient conditions. Conservation involves identifying the value in "cronocaos" or conditions caused by neglect, appreciating spatial integrity in emptiness. The intervention focuses on preserving the light character and addressing vulnerabilities—damp walls, deteriorated staircase, and damaged roofing. Repair strategies maintain the original character, incorporating compatible materials and addressing structural issues for cohesive preservation. The interventions aim to safeguard the space's character and memories while ensuring structural stability.