• Student Humaira Athar Khan
  • Code UIR20173
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Naandi Parikh
  • TA Pari Mistry,Pari Mistry


A luxury brand who's products look like yummy Desserts, Cake, and Confectionery but that are handcrafted, natural bath and body essentials, with the finest and ethically-sourced ingredients. All the products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Brand offers a range of creative and visually appealing bath products that stand out from traditional bath and body items. The brand idea revolves around engaging multiple senses. The products are scented with pleasant fragrances, visually appealing with vibrant colors, and feature textures that add tactile enjoyment. The brand promotes self-care and relaxation as core values. Click on 'High Resolution'