• Student Thanawala Dhruvi Pankaj
  • Code UG190379
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ruchi Mehta
  • TA Ronit Halsore


Candy Makeup Artist (Joyce Spakman) is a renowned Styling and Makeup artist hailing from the Netherlands. Well known for her porcelain corsets, bizarre and almost Tim Burton-ish theme styled design, she captivates her audience with over the top headdresses/corsets finished by a unique make-up style. Most of her work is inspired by the Baroque movement and mediums such as porcelain and stained glass. The brand right now is only based online. And as the outfit is high involvement and not everyone can pull off that taste, a store is must. So here the store aims towards giving experience and to feel the aura and the vibe of the outfit which can make the customers feel confident and engage in the process of buying.