• Student Shah Hritvi Amit
  • Code UIR21051
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Priya Narayanan,Ananya Parikh
  • TA Somya Khandelwal


Bake and Burn is  centre for teenagers harmonizing fitness and creativity. The entire ambiance weaves a narrative of adventure through playful walls, vibrant colors, intriguing openings, and layered designs. Curved walls set the scene for Zumba, pulsating with energy. Adjacently, cuboidal spaces house a baking space. Using contrasting color and material palette an attempt is made to create curiosity leading to adventure. It’s a space that merges the joy of movement and the art of baking, creating a dynamic environment where teenagers can explore, express, and evolve in a setting that can be a break from their daily routine.