• Student Shreya Garg
  • Code UIR22162
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Priya Narayanan,Ananya Parikh
  • TA Somya Khandelwal


The Cascade is a center for teenagers to come together to learn crafts and painting and to relax through informal dancing. Teenagers often are those who seek adventure and excitement to alleviate feelings of restlessness and want to enjoy their freedom of space. Consequently, this design fulfills this need by providing a space that offers different elements to make the experience fun and exciting –be it in the way the interface between the existing structure and the extension is treated in a staggered manner with also providing a corridor space or the way the skylights, openings and lighting have been dealt with. Also how the stained glasses and colored shadows forming through it are treated and how lattices of bricks are arranged making it an exciting experience for the teenagers.