• Student Pulapa Aparna Sai Poojitha
  • Code UIR22264
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Priya Narayanan,Ananya Parikh
  • TA Somya Khandelwal


Fun is a sensation that is enhanced when there are no restrictions. "Flash Duo '' is a hotspot for teenagers that offers an unrestricted experience of both activities and spaces. While activities like jamming and playing online games allow them the freedom to be themselves, the same is echoed in the open, free-flowing spaces of the centre. Since the washrooms require privacy and the gaming room requires a dark space, these spaces have been placed at the centre with thick walls to define the central core. Minimal opaque walls have been used in all other spaces to convey a sense of freedom and transparency, while the plinth that extends to form decks for the cafe and outdoor jamming subtly defines the limits of the centre without any physical or visual obstructions.