• Student Navonil Maji
  • Code UUR20101
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Radhika Amin,Arpi Maheshwari
  • TA Kritika Vidyashankar


 This project is about how the extreme climatic, and topographical conditions will affect future cities in the world in 2070. The aim is to develop an innovative design solution for the distribution and variation in flows of energy, material and population that can address the challenges of abundance or scarcity of various types. An evolutionary algorithm is used for iterative design optimization, led by data analysis and various fitness criteria. The methodology stresses logic-based, parametrically defined designs measured against predefined criteria. For this project, we will be focussing on ‘Flooding 2070’. After researching the cities facing extreme flooding we chose Dhaka, Bangladesh as our site of intervention. The main ambition of the project was to create a ‘Flood Resilient Infrastructure‘ which was then segregated into three categories delaying flooding, storing and releasing water efficiently and community protection. With the help of an evolutionary computational approach, we design a network, block level and morphology level.