• Student Rana Vivek Deepakbhai
  • Code UAR22200
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Percy Pithawala,Krishna Shah
  • TA Mitali Parmar


The Pavilion is located near the Banyan Tree at Kamati Baug, Vadodara. The design of the pavilion is inspired by one of the space making model of the previous exercise ‘INTROVERT - EXTROVERT’ which has been very well linked with the context and program at the site. The book studio is an informal reading space unlike the traditional libraries. The design of the book studio is inspired from the distortion caused in the cubes due to the presence of the Banyan Tree. The distorted cubical modules are levelled in such a way that they seem to lead up to the focal element of the site, Banyan Tree. As one enters the book studio, they pass through a linear space consisting of books, newspapers, magazines, etc. The person is free to move up to the closed reading spaces(cubical and distorted cubical spaces) adjacent to the linear space or he/she can move towards the banyan tree and read and sit under there. The distorted cubical spaces that have a larger area are used as plinths wherein benches are placed that makes it an informal reading space.