• Student Dhiraj Poddar
  • Code UAR22055
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Percy Pithawala,Krishna Shah
  • TA Mitali Parmar


The Creche, A Pavilion located near the banyan tree is in the heart of Kamatibaug, Vadodara. The inspiration for designing a pavilion within the context of the banyan tree is taken from the site itself . It is a special place where children can have fun and grow, all while being close to nature. The space has been designed considering the users using the space which include the toddlers and their parents. To maintain the play within the building, various playful elements such as sand pits, tunnels, etc. have been included. The creche’s design seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, promoting complete growth and a sense of wonder for the toodler. Responding to the site, the pavillion bends towards the tree and opens up at the end. To foster connection between the inside and the outside, connections has been made directly leading to the banyan tree from the space inside.The basic rules of organization like path-space relationship, hierarchy and axiality contribute to the development of the design.