• Code PCD23379
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Jinal Shah,Hiloni Sutaria
  • TA Darshi Kapadia


The project aims to understand branching systems derived from a 3D fractal tree. As part of our initial design exercise, we studied the 2D fractal tree. It has balance of simplicity and infinite complexity. As we delved into modeling, we discovered intricate possibilities through repetition, particularly with changes in axial rotation and scale factor. In the next phase, we added a third axis to transform this 2D fractal into a 3D version with three protruding members per node. We observed how nodes affected member angles and noticed a pattern in their interactions. When a three-axis node split, counteractive nodes could be added to them, resulting in a lattice of parallel and cross members forming a crystalline structure. Expanding across all axes, this crystalline pattern extended into an infinite grid, offering diverse exploration opportunities, especially due to its triangular composition.This project concentrates on how this form finding process can be used for facade and bio wall designs and how we can make it user oriented and modular.