• Student Lutharia Hrithik Ajay
  • Code UG190582
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Varun Yadav,Rohin Sher,Dhawal Mistry
  • TA Stuti Patel,Ayush Patel


This Studio conveys a path to sustainability as well as the parameters for designing a strategy for students. Students were assigned to research the meaning of sustainability in various industries and how it is implemented. The students then conducted a microclimate analysis as the next step in archiving sustainability solutions. In that exercise, we learned how a neighborhood's surroundings affect its climate in terms of humidity, solar gain, solar energy, operative temperature, and thermal comfort. After that, we began analyzing our home by taking manual readings to determine how well the thermal performance of the building is and how the design of the building affects the building envelope. Introduced to software such as IESVE to compare manual readings with software-based calculation, and it had advantages and disadvantages that varied depending on the situation. Meanwhile, we were given Bangalore city and had to study its climatic conditions as well as design a residence for an artist's family while taking into account all of the city's climate's pros and cons. Finally, this studio assisted me in improving my design thinking, selection of construction methods and techniques, and material selection based on climate.