• Student Akshata Drumil Patel
  • Code UG190071
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Varun Yadav,Rohin Sher,Dhawal Mistry
  • TA Stuti Patel,Ayush Patel


The studio provides an opportunity to understand the impact of design, materials and technologies on environmental design of buildings. In the first module, I carried out a life cycle analysis (LCA) of a Tiffany and Co. ring. Through the activity, I was able to understand the environmental impact production processes. 
Next, I documented my personal dwelling in Ahmedabad and ran solar insolation, daylight and energy analysis on IESVE software for the same. I concluded the problem areas and reasons behind discomfort in my dwelling as an initial exercise to understand environmental design. 
 After learning the concepts, parameters and tools of analysis, each student picked a city to work with for the rest of the semester. I have chosen Aurangabad (hot-dry climate). I carried out an in-depth climate analysis for Aurangabad and learnt various design strategies for hot and dry climate through case studies. 
In the final module, I designed an artist’s abode located in Aurangabad as a result of a time-bound exercise. I carried out solar insolation, daylight and energy analysis on IESVE software for this initial, primitive design. After understanding the problem areas through my analysis, I proposed changes in the initial design. Ultimately, my design reflects the impact of orientation, materials and shading elements on design of the residence.