• Student Patwa Ved Dipal
  • Code UG191485
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Varun Yadav,Rohin Sher,Dhawal Mistry
  • TA Stuti Patel,Ayush Patel


At the first the Dwelling documentation was done various readings were taken manually with the help of instruments, then a model was made in the IESVE software in which various simulations were analysed like daylight, solar, energy, heat gain, thermal comfort and that was compared with manual readings. Then each group was given a city in India, mine was Darjeeling which was Cold and Humid, based on the primitive concepts learned a time problem was given to design a house and then after various calculations and simulations the design changed and a new one was proposed. Along with that heat gains wrt WWR for all facades was also studied