• Student Aanal Patel
  • Code UIR21162
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ramesh Patel,Harsh Shah
  • TA Jeel Mody


Claytoon animation studio is designed for clay animators who specialize in captivating clay animation for in-house cinematic production and collaborative projects. The process of shaping the clay with different colors, then capturing the models frame by frame resulting into creation is beautiful films of playfulness. The concepts of keywords "moldable" and "seamless" draw inspiration from the very essence of clay itself, permeating the design elements such as partitions, furniture, and ceilings throughout the studio space. The choice of ferrocement as the primary construction material embodies both qualities, allowing for a space that is not only highly adaptable but also exhibits a sense of continuity.
The studio's layout is thoughtfully designed, featuring distinct areas for client circulation leading to the head designer's quarters and a separate circulation path for internal staff. This layout provides clients with glimpses into the creative process, allowing them to engage with and understand the studio's work. Additionally, services are strategically placed to align with the space's functionality. 
The overarching goal of these design decisions is to enable visitors to forge a meaningful connection with the studio's creative mission and the artistic content it produces.