• Code PFD22102
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Kaulav Bhagat,Rajendra Mistry,Keyur Zaveri


Creating a sense of teamwork at a young age is essential in our society, when children stay at home and rarely venture outside. participating in a group will help children interact with one another, increase their social skills, and self- confidence, and help them grow. into confident individuals. With the rise or nuclear families. The experience of belonging as a group nd learning together has taken a back seat. The objective of the furniture is to engage the children in an activity by arranging the furniture pieces. The piece of furniture will facilitate to the need of working and playing. Keeping in mind the comfortable posture for a child. The furniture piece shall be lightweight and movable by a kid. The furniture itself will help children to enjoy by relation to material, shape, and structure, because, the nature of the user is quite unexpected given the target audience age.