• Student Ambar Agarwal
  • Code UAR20011
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Balaji Rajasekaran
  • TA Dixit Tank


Aquamorph, the dining pavilion at Auroville, is a product of iterative digital computation using Grasshopper. Tailored for Auroville's communal dining habits, the pavilion features a spatial hierarchy to accommodate varying group sizes. Informed by master teachings, the design process evolved from exploring soap bubble techniques to manifesting a 1:1 scale Ferrorest furniture. The lotus pond enveloping the pavilion imparts a floating ambiance. The culmination of this academic journey was the construction of the 1:1 scale pavilion at the CEPT Workshop, exemplifying the fusion of computational design methodologies with a nuanced understanding of communal dining dynamics.Click here for full portfolio.