• Student Vora Vrushti Kaushik
  • Code UAR22202
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Sanal Thathapuzha,Shaili Banker
  • TA Jvalant Devrukhkar


In this retreat, the compressive structure becomes not just a design choice but a narrative woven into the very fabric of the family's musical journey. It's a space where architecture, nature, and music coalesce, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an extraordinary fusion of the built and natural environments. The retreat stands as a testament to the idea that a place can be more than a dwelling; it can be a living, breathing work of art
Nestled gracefully on the banks of the serene river Sabarmati, this retreat is a harmonious symphony of architecture and nature, crafted as a masterpiece of compressive structures. Designed exclusively for a musician family of six, every element resonates with the essence of compression, creating a structural marvel that seamlessly integrates with its picturesque surroundings.The retreat unfolds like a lyrical composition, its architecture embracing the land's contours and the river's gentle flow. The entire space is a testament to the artistry of compressive structures, where each point bears the weight with grace, forming an elegant dance between form and function.
As you step into this enchanting haven, a lush canopy of trees welcomes you, enveloping the retreat in a natural embrace. The greenery not only provides shade but serves as a living testament to the commitment to eco-friendliness and a deep connection with the environment. The retreat is not just a dwelling; it's a stage set for the harmonious melodies of a musician family. With a capacity to host 50-60 people, the space transforms into an intimate venue for music festivals. Imagine the rhythmic beats resonating with the rustling leaves, the river's gentle melody blending seamlessly with the tunes, creating an atmosphere where music and nature converge in perfect harmony.
Every guest attending the music fest is treated to a mesmerizing spectacle. The panoramic views of the river, the verdant landscape, and the carefully designed architecture form a captivating backdrop, enhancing the auditory experience with a visual symphony.