• Student Sakshi Shah
  • Code UG191198
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ratna Shah,Errol Reubens
  • TA Ananda Krishnan


The site’s historical roots are intertwining with nature, forming a harmonious coexistence between the industrial past and the natural world. The envisioned program revolves around the mesmerizing journey of seed germination / growth, offering visitors an engaging and sensory experience. The museum is thoughtfully divided into two distinctive sections : the ‘Seed Bank’ serves as an introduction to the concept of seeds, while the second section delves deeply into the germination process, meticulously detailing its stages through immersive subsections. In the museum's design, interactivity and immersion take center stage. Strategic spaces are designed to plunge visitors into darkness, simulating the feeling of being within the nurturing soil itself. The focal point of the experience revolves around the remarkable process of germination, where seeds shed their protective shells and roots burst forth - a metaphor mirroring the way a parasite embeds itself into a host structure. Drawing inspiration from the parasitic relationship, the museum's typology mirrors this intriguing concept. Just as a parasite establishes a connection with its host, the museum would intertwine with the old factory, becoming an integral part of its historical fabric. Through this creative approach, the architectural narrative seamlessly combines the industrial past with the allure of germination, underscoring the tenacity and transformative power that nature encapsulates. Ultimately, the museum offers a symphony of engagement - where history and nature intersect, where seeds mirror the persistence of a parasite, and where visitors are invited to witness the captivating emergence of life from darkness.