• Code PUH22462
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Madhu Bharti,Amit Mistry
  • TA Annesha Dasgupta


The studio is dedicated to cultivating expertise in the ever-evolving housing and real estate market dynamics. Its primary aim is to scrutinize and recommend optimal development strategies, incorporating detailed planning and technical considerations for both brownfield and greenfield land parcels. This involves a thorough analysis of the specific site context, adherence to legal norms, and a nuanced understanding of macro and micro real estate market conditions. By engaging in hands-on, experiential learning, participants acquire the skills to identify potential development sites, evaluate market dynamics, and navigate regulatory frameworks. Ultimately, the overarching goal is to formulate comprehensive and financially viable project proposals, equipping individuals to effectively tackle the challenges inherent in the real estate industry by integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application.