• Student Ajudia Kunj Amrutlal
  • Code UCT22109
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Bhargav Tewar,Tapan Betai
  • TA Vikas Patel,Shlok Patel


The aim of this studio is to study traditional or conventional practices followed in the construction site deeply and try to automate the process or a problem in a construction activity. We all went to sites to see the construction activites and learnt how to find quantity and rate analysis. We also made sketches of the activities in a process format. Introduced to IOT and different sensors use, output and importance. Analysis and automisation of constructions activities to complete work efficiently, reduce cost, reduce time, reduce labour, reduce material wastage, etc. Final Project: Facade Cleaning Device is a glass facade cleaner of high rise glass builings. In order to reduce the risk of life while cleaning glass manually and reducing the time to clean glass manually.