• Code PUI22236
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Ashwani Kumar,Siddh Doshi
  • TA Arpit Chawla


Current management and monitoring are majorly beneficial for the Surat Municipal Corporation and the Industries. Though flood management is carried out, a consistent benefit is absent and ownership as a neighborhood resource is unpopular among the communities near and around the creeks. The unawareness of reaping the right ecological benefits as a recreation spot or as a green corridor to improve the micro-climate and sensitization towards natural water bodies are attempted to change through this project. The dysfunctional piecemeal management over the creeks is proposed to be a system based wherein each system complements and works in tandem with other systems of creeks for better stormwater management. Creeks in Surat have changed over the years. Although, this change over the creeks is detrimental to the city and its people. Suitable restoration strategies are proposed for the system of creeks for their future use and role in the city.