• Code PLA22215
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Deepa Maheshwari,Rujuta Ranade
  • TA Sankalpa Patel


The project “Kombukal bidara’ - a retreat to unwind, co-exist and embrace slow living”, focuses on transforming the space as a holistic retreat. A place not only to revitalise but also learn and become inquisitive. The landscape prioritizes preserving natural features one of it being  the termite mounds. Sustainability is the key which is seen in the vernacular architecture of the space along with the project implementation for water and soil conservation, and the use of native and naturalised vegetation, the project evolves as a system aligning with the client’s environmental values. Interpretative subtly and dynamics of the evolving landscape invokes awareness about the environment, creating a deeper connection with the space- fauna, flora and ourselves. In essence, the landscaping blends ecological preservation, sustainability, and cultural integration to create captivating and transformative space, in line with the vision of a mindful, introspective, and rejuvenating landscape system. The whole is the reflection of the context, oneself, and humbleness; All of this co-existing with the natural bio-diversity and enhancing the same.