• Code PAT22228
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Ujjwal Dawar,Dharmik. Thakkar.
  • TA Varun Shah


Confluence is the act or process of merging two or more entities to form one entity. CEPT being an institute with its primary focus on learning more than teaching, has very defined formal(built) and informal(unbuilt) learning spaces. But the true essence and character of learning is seen in the informal learning spaces (unbuilt). So why do we need these stark boundaries to create spaces for learning? What happens when these boundaries are re-defined? What happens to the learning experience when the boundaries of the studios(internal and ex- ternal) are blurred? With these questions in mind, the intent of the project is to break the pre- conceived notion of a space being defined only by 6 faces, and to promote in- tegrated, inclusive and informal learning. Where different structures, spaces, elements and details amalgamate and the site itself becomes the zone of con- fluence (at various scales from macro to micro). P.S. For a Detailed view of the my work in this Semester please Click on the Link below (for the google drive link).