• Code PAT22186
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Ujjwal Dawar,Dharmik. Thakkar.
  • TA Varun Shah


Thinking and making are two sides of the same coin; one is incomplete without the other. Without making, architecture is just art, an unrealized dream. Without thinking, making is unproductive. There needs to be a constant back and forth between thinking and making, for students of architecture to become the bridge that can realize a design thought into reality. The relationship between thinking and making spaces is the defining factor for the kind of learning cultivated in the institution. The studio+ maker’s space has been designed keeping the threshold between thinking and making in mind. The nature of thinking and making is varied. There isn’t a singularly arbitrary format for thinking or making. There is order in thinking and making both, and disorder in both as well, each combination allowing a different form of creativity and expression. This project attempts to provide spaces to accommodate these experiences and explore the relationship between thinking and making.